Probably the first thing you want to know is, how much is my new website going to cost me? and that is a fair question. The chances are that you have done your homework, you have visited a few designers websites and are still non the wiser.

Whilst it is difficult to give an exact price as all needs are different, we can give you an indication of cost which will give you something to think about.

A 1-5 page website will cost around £300.
This would be a standerd information website with graphics and text along with a contact page. The text would be optimised for search and you would have access to the system to make changes yourself.
Additional features would cost a little more. For example, calendars, social media integration etc.

Simple web shop.
As well as the above, we could produce a website with a simple product shop or online booking and payment system for around £900

Full on E Commerce Magento 2 Install.
This is very sophisticated and professional install. Most of the worlds biggest online shops are Magento 2 based. A Magento install needs regular updates and is something that you should only consider if you are very serious about online sales. You or your staff will need at least two days of training to get to grips with uploading and preparing products for your shop.
This is something we will help you with and remember we are always at the other end of a phone to help you.
Prices for the latest Magento 2 install start at around £5000.

There are ongoing costs involved with hosting a website.
These are approximately.
Website hosting – around £15 per month.
Website hosting on super fast GDPR compliant servers – around £35 per month
Magento 2 hosting on super fast servers will cost around £200 per month.

Phone support would be essentially free, however if we were to work on your website, we charge £40 per hour.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs, we are here to build upload and host your ecommerce or web solution as well as give you full support.